Adaptation | May 28, 2021

Research is showing young Americans, even those with ages in the single digits, are informed and empowered when it comes to politics. One recent study found that millennials are more liberal on economic issues than baby boomers were on social issues.

How can the GOP capitalize on the political awakening among young voters?

It starts with recognizing that young people are politically minded and that young people are a big part of the electorate. By energizing young people, Republicans can win the votes of a new generation.

To get young voters to the polls, Republicans must provide a positive vision for the future that speaks to their sense of purpose and what that means. An excellent example of a party that understands how to get young people to the polls is Bernie Sanders. He also brings values issues and economic issues into the political arena so that a Republican candidate cannot. 

So a Republican candidate cannot run on limited government or personal responsibility. A Republican candidate can’t campaign on a promise to “cut taxes and spend less” or “deficit reduction.” A fight for their future makes a young person move forward and cast their vote. 

The Democrats have to make a choice. Do they fight for the future, or do they go back to the failed policies of the Trump era?  This generation of young people is more progressive than the baby boomers. 

Democrats will have to use the slogan “All we want for our struggle is our freedom.” In the end, that slogan is no joke; it is no empty promise. Democrats must fight for the young people’s future, or else the Democrats will lose again.

Chief Storyteller;
Michael T. Thomas