Climate change is


97% of climate experts agree!

"We humans are making a mess."

Michael T. Thomas ~The GreenPreneur

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What experts say

Climate change is happening, and by doing nothing and continuing to burn oil, gas, and coal, the world will become significantly less habitable. .

MARILYN WAITE@waitemarilyn
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Marilyn Waite is an author, writer, teacher, and speaker from the San Francisco Bay area. Author of the book, Sustainability at Work: Careers that Make a Difference, Waite has dedicated herself to climate and clean energy research.
Joel Kahn MD
Joel Kahn MD@drjkahn
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Dr. Kahn is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine. He has authored five books, over 150 scientific papers, and hundreds of medical articles.
Robert Ashford
Robert Ashford@SyracuseU
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Robert Ashford is Bond, Schoeneck & King Distinguished Professor of Law at Syracuse University, College of Law, where he teaches or has taught courses in Public Corporations, Professional Responsibility, Securities Regulation, and a seminar in Inclusive Capitalism, Property Rights, and Binary Economics.
Marc de Sousa-Shields
Marc de Sousa-Shields@csrcounts
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Marc has written for Leading online corporate sustainability magazines including triple pundit and sustainable brands and is author of the sustainable century by design or disaster
Marilyn Price-Mitchell
Marilyn Price-Mitchell@DrPriceMitchell
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Marilyn is founder of Roots of Action and the author of Tomorrow’s Change Makers: Reclaiming the Power of Citizenship for a New Generation.
Wolfgang Hoeschele
Wolfgang Hoeschele
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Geographer and expert working in Heidelberg, Germany who employs systematic development of strategies to build up an economy of abundance of life: socially equitable, ecologically sustainable and free.


The science is precise: climate change is happening. We are the cause. We need to act now



Join the tribe of eco-friendly ambassadors worldwide, who are turning everyday environmental challenges into opportunities.

Take action for a brighter future for all.

The Opportunity

Transition to net zero emissions is the most significant commercial opportunity of our age.

The Solutions

Investors will benefit as most companies are mandated to readjust their strategies and consider how they will achieve netzero emissions. 

The Future State

Sustainable Development will need to showcase new inventions from the world’s most innovative minds.


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