HEALTH | May 10, 2021

Good nutrition will prevent 95 percent of all diseases.~Linus Pauling

Healthcare workers strongly believe that diet plays an essential role in human wellness. A good diet is not confined to physical health but also affects mental health. A healthy body needs nutrition and a toxic-free environment, with many foods giving instruction and energy to our nervous system. If our bodies do not get proper education and life to perform, our health starts declining. 

The diet plays a vital role in our daily routine. A nutritious diet provides you more energy for performing your routine tasks. The other evident impact of food is on body weight. The effects of the diet on mental wellness constitute a significant concern.

How does diet affect a man’s mental health?

Sometimes we separate the brain from the rest of our body. There is no doubt that diet has an impact on our cognitive abilities. The gastrointestinal tract and brain have a close relationship with each other. That is why it is also called the second brain. For example, if you prefer to eat healthy and nutritious food, it promotes good bacteria production. The bacteria then affects neurotransmitter production positively. Similarly, sugar produces harmful bacteria in the Gastrointestinal tract. These bacteria negatively impact the human body after a short span of positive effects.

Different observational studies have linked your dietary intake to depression, proving the connection between depression and diet consumption. The rate of mental disorders increases with every passing day across the globe. 

Better quality of food reduces the risk of depression;
Michael T. Thomas