Electric Transportation | May 10, 2021

You are either the one who creates automation, or you are getting automated.~Tom Preston Warner

Technology is advancing rapidly every passing day, making people’s lives and homes more automated and secure. Americans are adopting and integrating the new technologies, not only with their businesses but also in their homes. Enterprises are rapidly adopting modern technologies and equipping their interactions with modern, advanced, and smart gadgets. 

For instance, Amazon is using drones for product delivery. It makes their delivery process quicker and more reliable. Americans are adopting smart home technologies that make their lives more convenient and energy-efficient. New and fast transportation modes like bullet trains and electric or battery cars are being introduced. 

Over the last decade, it has not only been enthusiasts and visionaries; now the pragmatists are joining the automation revolution. Therefore, competition in the field of innovation has risen by many folds.

What are the benefits of electric or battery cars?

The time is right for electric cars; the time is critical. Development in electric or battery vehicles has revolutionized the transport sector forever! The electric vehicle’s emission-reducing property has made them more appealing and beneficial. Toxic-free is the significant and essential aspect of electric transportation. For instance, some estimates suggest that only an electric car can save

up to 1.5 million grams of CO2. An electric lift also reduces noise pollution. Electric vehicles’ maintenance cost is also cheaper than conventional gas-powered cars. 

Self-driven cars are another miracle of the science of automation. It allows the vehicle to drive itself with sensors, radars, and GPS. Americans are adopting autonomous technology rapidly. The country has also launched 5G in many areas.

Welcome to the autonomous life;
Michael T. Thomas