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A Vision For 2025

 They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Likewise, 1,000 words thoughtfully arranged can draw a picture of our potential futures. Often we despair about the way things are or about our future, yet very few people make bold declarations about their future.

100% by 2050

Renewable Energy

United Nations


Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Reduction

Children's Future

Climate Education

On Track for 2050

Net Zero Solutions

Building the Future

Electric Transportation

Climate Change and Forests


Making Communities Safe


Lungs of the Planet


Taxing Polluters

Price on Carbon

Scaling Innovation

Business Leadership

Doing Nothing is

Not the Answer

What does the future look like?

Green Ambassadors we like to know who in your community is doing EXTRAordinary sustainability work, so reach out to us! So we can share their GOoD work far and wide!

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Enter for a chance to win, by taking THE BOLD Pledge!

Enter for a chance to win, by taking a BOLD Pledge!

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